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Tudor Dixon’s Principles for Public Education

  • Students should be educated, not indoctrinated.

  • Parents must be empowered, not silenced.

  • Families deserve more school choice options, not less.


Across our state, we see more and more evidence that the liberal union-boss controlled public education system has shifted away from focusing on teaching reading, writing, and math and towards indoctrinating children with radical ideology. We have seen it Farmington Public Schools, where they denigrated America throughout their Critical Race Theory fueled “21 Day Equity Challenge. We’ve seen it in Ann Arbor, where a 5th grade class was used as the testing ground for 1619 Project curriculum. In Mona Shores, parents of 7th graders have expressed outrage at finding books graphically depicting two young boys having sex with each other. In Muskegon, the school board has proudly declared that the new middle schools will only have “gender neutral” bathrooms.The list goes on and on.


Students in Michigan are being failed by the public education system. Many Michigan schools are actually robbing students of their future.


Although Michigan’s M-STEP scores showed dramatic declines in student learning throughout the pandemic, Gretchen Whitmer doubled down on lockdowns and school closures. Even before the pandemic, more than half of Michigan’s third-graders were failing in reading. Yet last year, Whitmer vetoed a $155 Million plan to provide $1,000 scholarships for elementary reading help. Meanwhile, she recently proposed spending $1 Billion to build more buildings.


Michigan ranks in the bottom third states for public education in the United States and by some measures is projected to be in the bottom five states by 2030.


This is a failure of politicians, public policy, and an intractable public education bureaucracy that consistently demands less accountability and more money.


Tudor Dixon will be Michigan’s first Education Governor. Not for the amount we spend, but for the results we achieve.


Tudor Dixon’s First Proposals for Public Education


  • Parents’ Right to Know Act – Require school districts to put all curriculum and teaching materials online for parents to see.

  • Florida-style Parents’ Rights Bill – Ban school personnel from talking to Kindergarten-3rd grade children about sex and gender theory behind their parents backs.

  • Education Savings Accounts – Empower parents to decide which education environment is best for their child by allowing money to follow the child. That is, a family could use the state’s per-pupil funding amount on public, private, charter, virtual, or homeschooling options.

  • Tutoring Certificates to Catch Students Up – Fund 25 hours of one-on-one or small group tutoring in reading and math for every student in Michigan using the more than $6 Billion in federal COVID relief funding for schools that Gretchen Whitmer has been largely wasting on buildings and bonuses for unionized school administrators.

  • Increase Civic Literacy – Enact civic literacy requirements for both grade school and post-secondary education and develop curriculum to support the requirement that focuses on America’s founding principles, the United States Constitution, and the roles and responsibilities of government as envisioned by America’s founding fathers.


Tudor Dixon will continue to travel Michigan and listen to parents, teachers, and community leaders that truly care about improving educational outcomes for Michigan students. Under Governor Dixon, Michigan schools will empower parents and get back to the basics: teaching students how to read, write, do math, and understand America’s founding principles and system of governance.