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Reduce Personal Income Tax
Develop and enact a plan to phase out Michigan’s personal income tax over time so families have more control over their finances. Make Michigan more competitive with fast-growing states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee – all of which have zero personal income taxes.
Upscale Workforce Training & Emphasize the Trades
Expand public-private partnerships between the education system and the private sector to increase workforce training opportunities. Create a state-level plan to expose more students to high-demand skilled trades and high-paying career opportunities.
Slash 40% of Regulations in 4 Years
Cut, reduce, or streamline 40% of Michigan’s enormous regulatory code in four years. Unleash entrepreneurs, unlock economic growth, and attract new businesses and workforce talent to the state.
Cut Corporate Welfare
Analyze all Michigan incentive programs created and utilized over the last decade to determine their efficacy and efficiency. Make data-driven decisions about how to reform or remove them.
Make Michigan Open for Business
Rapidly enact pro-growth policies and rehabilitate the state’s image as hostile to businesses.