Distribute Tutoring Certificates

Fund 25 hours of one-on-one or small group tutoring in reading and math for every student in Michigan using some of the $6 Billion in federal COVID relief funding for schools to help students catch up.


Preserve Parents' Rights

Require school districts to put all curriculum and teaching materials online for parents to see and ban school personnel from talking to Kindergarten-3rd grade children about sex and gender theory secretly behind their parents' backs.‍


Protect Girls’ Sports

Protect young girls from being forced to compete against biological boys in school sports by banning born boys from playing on girls' teams in school-sanctioned, gender-specific sports.


Improve Civic & Financial Literacy

Enact substantial civic and financial literacy requirements for grade school. Develop a civics curriculum that focuses on America's founding principles, the United States Constitution, and the roles and responsibilities of government as envisioned by America's founding fathers.‍


Create Education Savings Accounts

Empower parents to decide which education environment is best for their child. Allow families to use the state's per-pupil funding amount on public, private, charter, virtual, or homeschooling options.‍

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