Sign Strong Voter ID Laws

Sign legislation to make Michigan’s Voter ID laws the strongest in the country. Combat the liberals’ patronizing and racist narrative that Black people don’t know how to get IDs.


Reform Mail Ballots

Codify signature matching requirements and strengthen criminal penalties for forging ballot signatures. Ban ballot harvesting and drop boxes. Enact strict chain of custody and records retention requirements for all mail-in ballots.


Create Tough Criminal Penalties for Voter Fraud

Review criminal penalties and develop a comprehensive criminal code for Michigan to enact before the 2024 elections.


Ban Zuckerbucks

Ban using private funds for election administration and vote counting. Retroactively investigate the $12M + in Zuckerbucks that flowed through Jocelyn Benson’s nonprofit to two major democrat political consultants in 2020.


Clean Up the Voter Rolls

Clean up the Qualified Voter File to get rid of the thousands of dead and long moved out-of-state voters that remain on the rolls, per even mainstream media reports.

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