Protect Line 5

Enact stronger protections for Line 5 and similar critical infrastructure projects in Michigan to protect Michigan jobs, workers, and businesses.


Prioritize Road Repairs & Regulatory Reform

Fund road repair as a fundamental priority in the state budget and make regulatory changes to simplify and speed up road building.


Utilize Alternative Financing Opportunities

Finding new ways to fund critical infrastructure and roads without raising taxes is possible. Michigan should use public-private partnerships and other innovative financing mechanisms where they make sense and can ease the annual burden on taxpayers.


Consolidate Agencies

Streamline the over 600 government agencies and departments in Michigan that handle road funding annually and improve the overall management of the state’s road system. Eliminate wasteful overhead costs and reinvest in actual road fixes – a multi-year overhead reduction plan should be developed by the state legislature in consultation with national and state experts.


Revise Funding Formula & Make Funding More Flexible

Evaluate transformational changes such as revising the funding formula entirely, giving local districts more flexibility in allocating revenue, or allowing local governments to have greater control over funding decisions.

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