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"Tudor Dixon is a strong pro-life leader who possesses the ability to lead Michigan towards being a life-affirming state.  Right to Life of MI PAC is excited to work towards the election of Tudor Dixon as Michigan’s next governor." - Paul Miller, chairman of Right to Life of Michigan's PAC board.


2nd Amendment

Tudor Dixon is a Constitutionalist and supports Constitutional Carry

Regarding school safety, she has called for all so-called “diversity/equity/inclusion” consultants and administrators in public schools to be cut and the funding for their positions to be repurposed and used for armed school security.  She also proposed using one-time federal COVID relief funds to harden schools through increased security features and planning.

Never AGAIN!

Lockdowns Destroyed Michigan

Tudor Dixon will pardon all business owners who were cited under Gretchen Whitmer’s illegal lockdown policies. Tudor will block mask mandates in schools. And she will launch investigations into Michigan’s state government response to COVID to find out why Gretchen Whitmer ignored expert advice to keep COVID-positive patients out of nursing homes and to see who profited from the harsh lockdown policies.

Whitmer has issues too.  They’re bad for her and bad for Michigan.