Dixon & Hernandez Call for Special Investigation of Lt. Gov Gilchrist's Corrupt Housing Deal, Push for Lt. Gov Debate

October 10, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Tudor Dixon and Shane Hernandez today responded to the latest disturbing reports from The Detroit News that current Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist allegedly participated in shady business dealings with an unknown shell company.

In 2016, Gilchrist purchased an abandoned four-bedroom building from the Detroit Land Bank Authority for $13,500 using a 50 percent discount advantage available to city employees. Based on the agreement terms, Gilchrist would have six months to fix it up and have it occupied, otherwise, he would have to return the property.

Two years after the initial purchase deal was made, the property was clearly still in shambles and unoccupied despite Gilchrist claiming to have invested $226,000 trying to restore it. Rather than repossessing the property, as outlined in the deal terms, Gilchrist sold the abandoned property with no walls, wiring or windows for nearly $200,000.

"This is just another example of the Whitmer-Gilchrist Administration conducting backdoor deals and attempting to hide their corruption from the people of Michigan,"said Tudor Dixon."Gilchrist claims to have invested over $200,000 in a property deal that was meant to bring affordable housing to the city of Detroit. Instead of making good on that deal, he used this as an opportunity to personally profit with a shady shell company."

"There must be an independent investigation conducted immediately into this issue so voters can have the peace of mind that their government officials are not using their positions of power for personal gain," continued Dixon. "We know Whitmer's bought and paid for Attorney General wouldn't investigate their lockdown failures and nursing home deaths, so how can we expect them to uncover further corruption in their own administration? The truth must come out. Michigan voters deserve to know."

"The media should be asking these questions," pressed Dixon."We deserve transparency and an open dialogue. Just as we are hosting one-on-one debates with Governor Whitmer, Garlin Gilchrist should join Shane Hernandez on the debate stage and answer for his own record."

Shane Hernandez, who is personally familiar with the land bank process and current affordable housing shortage in this state, provided his perspective on the issue.

"An investigation needs to be conducted immediately and it’s clear that the Attorney General is compromised," said Hernandez."The land bank was established to serve as a way to rehabilitate blight and provide people with access to affordable housing. Garlin Gilchrist has provided neither and there must be an investigation."

"As someone who came from humble beginnings, I understand well how important the creation of more affordable housing is to families in our communities,"continued Hernandez. "The land bank was established to help create needed affordable housing, but all this appears to have created is a cash grab for Garlin Gilchrist, along with the continuation of blight on the community. It’s vital that the truth of what transpired is investigated and the facts laid bare."

"I’ve been fortunate to own a rental housing unit that provided affordable housing to families in my community," mentioned Hernandez. "I’ve recently purchased a building in my hometown that I’m currently renovating to provide affordable housing and small business opportunities. My record is clear and transparent. Public service is an honor and those entrusted have a duty to provide honest service. I would welcome the opportunity to meet Garlin Gilchrist on a debate stage and discuss the differences in our records."

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