Gretchen Whitmer Hides Behind Bureaucrats, Issues Flimsy Platitudes While Tudor Stands Behind Parents

September 17, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon today issued the following statement calling out Governor Whitmer's silence regarding the sickening release of official Michigan Department of Education radical gender teacher training and continued push to remove parents from the education conversation:

"Gretchen Whitmer continues to shut parents out of the process and sends her government bureaucrats to issue flimsy platitudes only when she’s caught red handed. Remember folks, back in January Gretchen’s own Democrat party questioned parents who had the audacity to think they should have a say in their child’s education. She was silent then too.

"These were hardly issues four years ago. Whitmer’s embrace of radical gender and race activism in our schools is responsible for this disgusting display of contempt for Michigan’s parents. In a letter issued yesterday, the State Chief Operating Officer copied almost word for word my well known education position in a weak attempt to defend Whitmer meanwhile, Whitmer’s political ally Barb Byrum says the opposite. Byrum even goes so far to suggest that parents are a danger to their own children.

"It begs the question once again…where does Gretchen Whitmer stand?  

"Does she agree with me that schools need to stop teaching radical sex, gender, and race theories and get good at reaching reading, writing, and math? Does she agree with me that parents should be trusted to make the best decisions for their kids?

"These are yes or no questions.

"Michiganders deserve to know if Whitmer’s on the side of radical gender and race activists or on the side of parents and common sense.

"It cannot be both.  

"Media, do your job. Demand a straight answer. She owes it to the Michigan taxpayers footing the bill for this dangerous nonsense."


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