“How Has Whitmer Hurt You?” Portal to Hear Stories from Michiganders Who are Worse Off After Four Years of Gretchen's Oppressive Reign

September 16, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon today launched a new portal, How Has Whitmer Hurt You, which encourages Michigan residents to share their stories and expose Gretchen's oppressive reign over Michigan.

"When Gretchen Whitmer locked down the state of Michigan during the COVID-19 pandemic, she left a trail of devastation in her path,"said Tudor Dixon. "The heartless Whitmer lockdowns and no visitation policies accelerated the decline of my own grandmother, forcing my four young daughters and I to only wave goodbye to Nana outside a window before she passed. My story is not unique, as families across the state have fallen victim to Gretchen's lockdown policies, violent crime waves, and extreme government overreach."

Whitmer's "stay-home" order during COVID-19 was far more extensive than surrounding states, as she sought to control every aspect of resident's lives and livelihoods. Scenes of caution taped store shelves became the norm as Gretchen picked winners and losers with small businesses and blocked the sale of basic items like furniture, plants, and paint. She barred people from traveling between their own properties and restricted access to recreational boating meanwhile, her own family sought special favors to avoid the orders she put in place for the rest of the state.

Those interested in exposing Gretchen by sharing their own Whitmer lockdown story can click here or visit tudordixon.com for more information.

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