ICYMI: What They're Saying About Tudor's $1B Building a Safer State Strategy

September 14, 2022

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – Tudor Dixon yesterday unveiled her $1 Billion Building a Safer State strategy today to end Whitmer’s Violent Crime Wave and increase law enforcement recruitment and retainment. See below for what the media is saying about how Tudor is making her stance known.

In Grand Rapids, Dixon rolls out public safety proposal
Rick Albin, WOOD TVThe focus Tuesday was police and public safety. Dixon said Whitmer has not made public safety a top priority and has not given police officers the support they needed during difficult times, particularly over the past two years. She also said violent crime has risen in the last four years and more police officers are needed.

Tudor Dixon Reveals Massive Plan To Give More Funding To Michigan Police
Zach Jewell, Daily Wire“This is an extremely important issue for our state,” Dixon said at an event in Grand Rapids. “We feel it is our top issue because if we cannot keep our communities safe, we cannot keep people here.” Dixon, the Republican challenger to Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, said her plan would help bring an end to what she calls Whitmer’s “violent crime wave.” The Republican candidate was joined by Kent County Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young, who praised Dixon’s announcement, ABC 7 News reported.

Tudor Dixon unveils $1 billion plan to bolster police forces in Michigan
Craig Mauger, The Detroit News"This is an extremely important issue for our state," Dixon said. "We feel it is our top issue because if we cannot keep our communities safe, we cannot keep people here."

Tudor Dixon shares $1B public safety plan
Keely Lovern, ABC 13 News"This is our job. It should be our top priority. That’s why we’re coming out and talking about this first. We respect our police. We support our police. And we will ensure Michigan cities are once a safe place to live," said Dixon.

GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Dixon Lays Out Public Safety Agenda
Eric Lloyd, 9&10 News“Enough is enough. Let me be clear, we will never defund the police,” said Dixon.

Tudor Dixon announces $1 billion 'Building a Safe State' planJulie Dunmire, Fox 47 NewsKent County Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young, who joined Dixon at the press conference, approved of the plan.“We think it’s so important that you have the backing of the chief executive officer of the state that’s coming out and saying the police are our priority,” said LaJoye-Young. “As you saw, that’s in our constitution. We have agreed to this. The governor should be the first one there saying we have their backs. That’s the discussion we’ve had with police across the state. Saying, just that perception that the top officials in our state don’t have our back is making it difficult to do our jobs.”

Tudor Dixon pitches $1 billion law enforcement funding increase
Simon Schuster, MLiveAt a press conference Tuesday in Grand Rapids, Dixon placed responsibility for a rise in violent crime in Michigan squarely on her Democratic opponent. “Gretchen Whitmer has failed to do her job and keep the people of Michigan safe,” Dixon said. “Her embrace of radical anti-police policy sent a message to police that she doesn’t have their back and to criminals that they may do as they please.”

Dixon reveals $1 billion plan to hire thousands of police officers, curb violent crime
Maria Serrano, News Channel 3Standing outside the Grand Rapids Police Department's headquarters Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon announced her spending plan to put more police officers, firefighters, and paramedics on Michigan's streets.

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