Nation's Report Card Shows Education Catastrophe in Michigan & Plummeting Reading Scores Under Gretchen Whitmer

October 24, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon today issued the following statement after the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the Nation's Report Card, showing a dramatic drop in Michigan student achievement relative to the nation and previous scores.

The NAEP is a national test given every two years and is drawn from a sampling of schools that allows comparisons among states. The results show an education catastrophe in Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer's leadership, with fourth-grade students recording the most significant decline in reading, dropping to the lowest level in 30 years and ranking 40th in the nation.

"The latest NAEP test scores are quite simply unacceptable and Michigan fared far worse versus other states in the nation as a direct result of Gretchen Whitmer's failed leadership, extreme lockdown policies, and refusal to focus on the issues that actually matter to Michiganders.

"Michigan's math and reading scores dropped across the board versus 2019, fourth-grade student reading scores dropped to the lowest levels in three decades, and black and low-income students fell further behind their peers. Detroit Public Schools Community District students scored lower than their peers in every other large city that was tested and continues to be at the bottom of the rankings for large cities around the country.

"Michigan students learned remotely for longer stretches of time than many other states as Whitmer pursued the most draconian lockdown measures in the country to appeal to the liberal wing of her party. She was playing politics all at the expense of our kids and it's evident in the dismal results. We fared far worse than our neighboring states of Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana who spent more time in the classroom and performed above the national average in both 4th and 8th grade math.

"Gretchen Whitmer will try to tell you this is not a Michigan problem, but rather a nationwide trend caused by the pandemic. She will try to explain away the scores and tell you there is no cause for alarm. She will even tout record education spending as the solution to it all.

"But the fact of the matter is that Gretchen Whitmer is a dishonest politician who has time and again passed up opportunities and vetoed investments in our kids, whether it was vetoing reading scholarships, tutoring support, or resources to catch students back up.

"She's fully pushed parents out of the conversation and has even allowed her radical bureaucrats to push radical sex and gender theory on kids behind parents' backs. We have to get our students back to the basics of reading, writing, and math and stop with all the distracting nonsense.

"This is a catastrophic failure for our kids and Gretchen Whitmer is to blame. It's very clear she would prefer to hold back an entire generation of students rather than hold herself accountable and confront her failures."

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