Tudor Dixon Reacts: Desperate Gretchen Whitmer Resorts to Naked Pandering as RCP Shifts Race to Toss-Up

October 17, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon today issued the following statement in response to Gretchen Whitmer's latest damage control attempt to pander to voters and law enforcement:

"A month ago, I released my plan to invest one billion dollars into recruiting 10,000 new officers.

"Now it is three weeks before Election Day and Gretchen Whitmer suddenly wants to spend $30 million to recruit new officers.

"I’m glad she’s giving something to our police for once, but I’m embarrassed for her at the naked pandering she’s resorting to in her desperate attempt to cling on to power.

"Gretchen Whitmer had four years to support police and increase public safety.

"She chose not to.  

"Instead, Gretchen Whitmer marched with Defund the Police and said she agreed with the ‘spirit’ of defunding the police.

"Now violent crime is rising across the state and police officers are quitting and leaving.

"I’ve been holding Gretchen accountable for her soft-on-crime policies throughout this campaign, and did so again at our first debate last week.

"This announcement is just attempted damage control from a career politician who is afraid she’s about to lose."


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