The Detroit News Confirms Radical Sex & Gender Theory Teaching Occurring in Schools

October 9, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Tudor Dixon today responded to the latest Detroit News editorial, Whose children? My children, which confirms the disturbingreports that Gretchen Whitmer and her activist-run government departments are pushing their progressive agenda on children and lying to parents about it.

Gretchen Whitmer wants you to believe radical sex and gender ideas aren’t being pushed on children in school," said Tudor Dixon."Yet an editor of the Detroit News proves that is exactly what is happening. Whitmer supports this radical and dangerous nonsense. I'll put an end to all of it. That is the difference."

Today's Detroit News editorial can be found here, with an excerpt featured below:"When I send my four kids off for the day, I’m not surrendering my parental rights. But increasingly, that’s what progressive educators and lawmakers want us to accept.  

"It’s not just preschool classrooms pushing sensitive and mature content in books. The intrusion is broader.

"When it comes to issues of sexuality, gender or family life, the state is actively usurping parental authority, even over potentially life-threatening mental health and medical emergencies."

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