Tudor Dixon Announces Strategy to Stop Sex Crimes and Deliver Swift Justice for Victims

September 15, 2022

Pontiac, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon today announced her strategy to Stop Sex Crimes and Deliver Swift Justice for Victims, joined by Shane Hernandez, Senator Ruth Johnson, Representative Mike Harris, Northville Treasurer Jason Rhines, Grace Center of Hope Women's Director Pam Clark, and current participants in the Grace Center of Hope program.

This strategy, in conjunction with her $1B proposal to Build a Safer State, will put an end to Whitmer's Violent Crime Wave and give Michigan families the peace of mind they deserve. Prior to unveiling this significant strategy, Tudor joined Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard for a facility tour and discussion.

"Michigan is in the top five states in the country for rapes per capita, with the majority of victims being children," said Tudor Dixon. "This is absolutely unacceptable and we must do a better job of protecting of our Michigan families, particularly women, children, and the minority community who are disproportionately impacted. As Governor, my Administration will make investigation, prosecution, and deterrence of sex crimes among our highest priorities so we can keep predators off the street and give victims critical support services."

This plan will restructure and enhance criminal penalties to deter predators, get them off our streets, and keep them off our streets. Additionally, the plan will identify ways state and local government can better support victims of these heinous crimes and will work with the appropriate stakeholders to deliver that support.

"The rise in violent crime in our state under this governor must be dealt with immediately," said Shane Hernandez. "As a husband and father of two young daughters, I cannot even comprehend the devastation on victims and their families. Justice must be done, and I'm proud to be a partner on a team with a leader like Tudor who will bring justice. I know how to build bipartisan legislative support for needed change because I've done it before. I'm ready to get to work so we can protect and defend our communities from these predators."


  1. According to recent independent analysis [1], Michigan is in the top five states in the country for rapes per capita.
  2. According to Michigan State Police statistics, Michigan had at least 6,367 rape incidents in 2021. [2]
  3. The majority of rapes victimize children. Of 2021's 6,367 rapes, 16.4% (1,045) of the victims were under the age of 10, 22.1% (1,408) were aged 10-14, 24.1% (1,537) were aged 15-19, and 10.5% (666) were aged 20-24.
  4. Rape disproportionately affects Black & African-American Michiganders, who make up 14% of the state’s population [3] but experienced 24% of the total rapes in Michigan in 2021.
  5. Michigan’s sex offender registry remains the subject of ongoing litigation. [4]

PROPOSAL:Introduce Mandatory Minimum Penalties for Most Sex CrimesMichigan’s current system gives judges too much flexibility in sentencing sex offenders. Victims and the communities where they live deserve to know that rapists or molesters will be in prison for a minimum number of years.Create a “Rocket Docket” for Sex Crimes to Keep Sex Predators Off Our Streets and Ensure Swift Justice for VictimsMichigan’s Supreme Court controls procedural aspects of how our courts are run. Governor Dixon would work with the court to create a “rocket docket” system for sex crimes and she would work with the legislature to eliminate any legal or budgetary roadblocks that might slow the creation or operation of this new tool to protect Michigan’s women and children.Strengthen Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry LawMost Michiganders would be shocked to learn that our sex offender registry law does not include common-sense measures to keep our communities safe, such as prohibiting convicted sex offenders from living or hanging out around schools, day care centers, public swimming pools, and other places children congregate. Governor Dixon will tighten the screws on Michigan’s sex offender registry law and make sure that it maximally protects innocent people from convicted predators.Launch a Governor’s Council on Strengthening Sexual Predator Laws and Improving Support Services for VictimsGovernor Dixon would convene a council of experts including law enforcement leaders, victims’ rights advocates, legislative leaders, and others to research and recommend additional ways to improve investigation and prosecution capabilities, strengthen penalties, and better support victims.

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[2] 2021 Crime in Michigan Annual Report – Michigan State Police
[3] https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/MI,US/PST045221
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