WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Tudor Dixon Holds Whitmer Accountable for Her Record of Failure, Offers Vision for Bolder, Brighter Michigan

October 14, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon tonight laid out her vision for the state of Michigan with the promise of a freer, more prosperous future for our families and our communities. Tudor struck a commanding presence, allowing voters the chance to hear directly from her.

She was a voice for all Michiganders in holding Gretchen Whitmer accountable for the destruction and despair she’s caused families across the state. After tonight, the choice couldn't be more clear. Tudor Dixon rose to the moment at just the right time.

Notable Quotes:
"Now I know why Governor Whitmer refused to debate Tudor Dixon for so long, and it’s because Tudor shined a bright light on Gretchen Whitmer’s failure these past four years. Tudor knocked it out of the park time and again tonight as she talked about our positive agenda for the future. There is a stark difference between the Whitmer–Biden big government approach to the economy and the Dixon–Hernandez agenda that will empower Michigan families and job creators. I’m ready to fight hard these next 26 days and then look forward to working with Tudor Dixon on delivering for the people of our great state." -Candidate for Lt. Governor Shane Hernandez

"We saw more proactive solutions coming from Tudor Dixon tonight than we have seen from Whitmer over the last four years. One thing was clear tonight, while Gretchen continues to provide lip service and no real action, Tudor demonstrated true leadership and willingness to put Michigan families first. Tonight, Tudor Dixon showed us all why she is the only candidate fit to serve as Governor. Gretchen has had four years to prove us wrong but hasn't done a thing for working families in Michigan. I am thrilled Michiganders have such a strong choice this November in Tudor Dixon when we kick Gretchen Whitmer, the worst Governor in America out of office." -Candidate for Michigan Attorney General Matt DePerno

“Michigan’s economy has suffered unnecessarily and tragically under Gretchen Whitmer. Tudor Dixon has a plan to get Michigan back to work. The Whitmer administration has hurt small businesses and cost their workers 82,000 jobs. A Dixon administration will let people flourish and rebuild our economy.” -Congressman Tim Walberg

"Tonight, Tudor showed up for the people of Michigan who are desperately seeking a way out of another four year’s under Gretchen Whitmer’s reign. Tudor laid out a clear vision for what a Dixon-Hernandez Administration will do to stop Whitmer’s violent crime wave, get our schools back to the basics, and handle the economic mess that Biden-Whitmer have created.”
-State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey

“Tonight’s debate presented a stark contrast – Whitmer is more of the same – stifling government overreach, lost learning, and a nanny state. Tudor Dixon presented an alternative: more freedom, more independence, and more opportunity.” -State Senator Aric Nesbitt

"Gretchen Whitmer needs to be honest about her record – she has veto’ed numerous opportunities to cut taxes, which would put money back in the pockets of families and small businesses. Tudor has laid out a contrasting vision for the voters with the promise of a freer, more prosperous future for our families and our state and that’s why she deserves your vote." -State Representative Julie Alexander

"At tonight’s debate we saw Gretchen Whitmer trying to reinvent herself. She wants the people of Michigan to forget she relished her perceived authority that delivered stifling government overreach, lost learning and rules for thee and not me. She wants you to forget she proposed four budgets with increased spending and a call for a tax increase; kept you away from your loved ones in their final hours; and now wants to present a kumbaya moment. We need a leader; not a liar. Tudor Dixon is that leader. She presented a clear alternative that will return Michigan to prosperity – More freedom, more independence, and more opportunities for all." -State Representative Ann Bollin

"The POAM has had more productive conversations with Tudor in the past 3 months than we have had in the past 3 years with the current governor. In fact, most calls to the governor's office are never returned. POAM is the largest representative of law enforcement officers in Michigan, representing over 500 local associations across both peninsulas. Tudor recognizes that a safer Michigan is one that people move to, work in and invest in. POAM is the largest independent representative of law enforcement personnel in Michigan and has no national affiliation. We know Michigan and we represent Michiganders. Tudor doesn't believe in "the spirit of defunding the police". In fact, her plan is to make a safer Michigan and she understands that well equipped professional police officers are essential to a safe Michigan." -Police Officers Association of Michigan President Jim Tignanelli

“Tudor Dixon’s customer-service, common-sense approach to running state government and supporting the growth of the state’s economy, including Michigan agriculture, was readily apparent in tonight’s debate. That’s in stark contrast to the current administration’s heavy-handed tactics which have cost jobs and restricted economic growth. Tudor Dixon clearly demonstrated her commitment to listen and lead an administration that will support and incentivize investments within the state.” Michigan Farm Bureau President Carl Bednarski

"Gretchen Whitmer has been the most destructive Governor in Michigan history; closing down businesses, crippling our economy, enabling criminals, and enforcing rules that hurt our most vulnerable - our children and senior citizens. Now she is being the most deceptive, lying about her record and hoping the people of Michigan will fall for it. I am glad Tudor Dixon is telling the truth and holding this failed Governor accountable. I look forward to the Dixon administration getting our state back on track for our business, our families, and for all Michiganders." -State Senate candidate for the 17th District Jonathan Lindsey


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