Tudor Dixon: Michigan is Open for Business, Highlights Plan to Slash 40% of Regulations in Four Years

September 23, 2022

Sandusky, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon and her running mate Shane Hernandez today kicked off their Open for Business tour, making stops at both the Sandusky Family Diner and Mark's Barber Shop to unveil their 40% in Four Years plan, which aims to streamline or rollback 40% of Michigan’s massive regulatory code during her first four years in office.

During her visits, Dixon met with the owners of both establishments, Troy Tank from Sandusky Family Diner and Mark Heberling from Mark's Barber Shop, and spoke directly with employees and patrons. The conversations centered around how Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdowns have impacted them, their families, and their livelihoods, and why they are hopeful a Dixon-Hernandez Administration will fix the problems facing Michigan. 

“When elected, we are going to send a clear message that Michigan is open for business,” said Tudor Dixon, Republican Gubernatorial candidate. “My 40% in Four Years plan will refocus government, unshackle our entrepreneurs, and ultimately unlock economic growth for our state. We want Michigan to be the best state in the country for people to start and grow a business, build a better life, raise a family, and retire.”

Since Gretchen Whitmer was elected, Michigan has lost over 100,000 jobs and over half of those have come directly from the leisure and hospitality industry following her extreme COVID lockdown policies. Additionally, the manufacturing industry has lost over 14,100 jobs as companies move out of Michigan to more competitive and business-friendly states like Tennessee. 

“The Whitmer administration top-to-bottom is infected with a culture of progressive, anti-business political activism,” continued Dixon. “It’s stifling growth and destroying our state’s economic future by sending the wrong message to job-creators and businesses, in effect telling them that we don’t want them here. It’s time to bring back common-sense fiscal and economic policies focused on investing in our workforce and strengthening our job-market.”

Troy Tank and Mark Heberling were impacted by Gretchen Whitmer’s extreme COVID lockdowns and faced both personal and professional hardships as a result. Troy was handed substantial fines from the state and lost his Big Boy restaurant franchise as he worked to keep the Sandusky Family Diner open throughout the pandemic.

Mark’s barber shop was closed down for over six weeks during the lockdowns and he was forced to get a job cutting meat and stocking shelves at the local grocery store to support himself and his family. Both business owners expressed concerns with the current leadership in Lansing and offered their support of the Dixon-Hernandez ticket this November. 

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