Tudor Dixon Proposes the Women’s Sports Fairness Act

September 28, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon today was joined by Jeff Johnson, candidate for HD-80, and concerned female student athletes to propose the Women’s Sports Fairness Act, which will specify that sports teams that are designated for women and girls will not be open to people born as biological men.

This requirement would extend to all public schools in Michigan, including secondary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Dixon would also propose a civil remedy for female students whose opportunities are harmed by forced competition against biological men.

"As a mother of four girls, nothing infuriates me more than the prospect of my daughters or their friends and teammates losing opportunities, scholarships, or championships in sports or otherwise because some radically progressive politicians decided once day that they should have to compete against biological men," said Tudor Dixon."Gretchen Whitmer has embraced the trans-supremacist ideology which dictates that individuals who are born as men be allowed to compete against our girls. Men and women are different biologically. It is both science and common-sense. We are not afraid to say it and we aren’t afraid to do something about it. And as Governor, I will demand fairness in women’s sports."

1. Are there even problems with this in Michigan?
This has been going on for at least five years in Michigan and left-wing groups like the ACLU have helped the process of forcing girls to compete against biological boys along. We aren’t going to pretend like we are blind to the radical gender agenda that is being pushed in Michigan and across the country. The NCAA women’s swimming champion is a man and just this summer in Milford, Michigan the female-division winner for a professional disc golf tournament was a biological man.

2. Does Gretchen Whitmer really support this?
Yes, as far back as 2017 she said she was going to fight for boys to be able to use girls bathrooms and compete on girls swim teams, she has embraced Joe Biden’s rewrite of Title IX, and is on record calling women “menstruating people” instead of women.

3. What happens if schools don’t comply?
We will create a civil remedy so if female students whose right to participate in fair sports is violated they may sue and hold the institution accountable.

4. Will this prohibit biological girls from competing in boys sports?
No, this is specifically focused on protecting women's sports and female competitors who biological men hold a distinct biological advantage over.

5. Are you proposing that there be no co-gender sports?
No, this proposal is specific to female-designated sports.

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