Tudor Dixon Selects Shane Hernandez as Running Mate

August 19, 2022

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Tudor Dixon announced Friday she has selected former state Rep. Shane Hernandez as her running mate.

"Shane Hernandez as lieutenant governor will help to improve our schools, create safer communities, and improve our economy. Like me, Shane is concerned about the impact rising prices are having on our families," Tudor Dixon said.

Hernandez, who chaired the House Appropriations Committee, served two terms in the House before running for Congress. He now works in the private sector. He is a conservative Republican who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties.

Hernandez led the fight against Gretchen Whitmer's 45-cent per gallon gas tax increase and has opposed Whitmer's attempts to close Line 5, which would also increase gas prices.

"Shane and I will put front-and-center the issues families care about: rising costs created by the Democrats' inflation, dangerous communities exacerbated by Gretchen Whitmer's siding with the 'spirit' of defund the
police, and a perpetually weak economy that Gretchen Whitmer is simply incapable of doing anything about," Dixon said.

"I am confident delegates will embrace Shane and united, we will defeat Gretchen Whitmer in November."

"I am honored to run as Tudor's running mate to address the problems created by Gretchen Whitmer,"Hernandez, a husband and father of two daughters, said.

"Her vision is the right one for Michigan and I believe we will defeat Whitmer and begin to repair the damage she's caused to our families, students, and business owners."


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