Tudor Stands Up to Queen of Lockdowns, Rallies for Freedom in Support of Small Business

October 4, 2022

Gaylord, Michigan—Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon and her running mate Shane Hernandez today hosted a Freedom Rally at The Iron Pig Smokehouse to give a voice to the small business owners who were impacted by Gretchen Whitmer's extreme COVID lockdowns. She was joined by Ian Murphy, owner of The Iron Pig Smokehouse, Diane Schindlbeck, owner of Schindy’s on Diamond Lake in White Cloud, Michele Hoitenga, State Representative (HD-102) and Senate candidate (SD-36), and a crowd of over 200 supporters.

"It wasn’t that long ago that Gretchen Whitmer single-handedly closed down our businesses, locked our kids out of school, shut down our churches, and stuffed sick patients in nursing homes," said Tudor Dixon. "Whitmer’s tyrannical orders closed down thousands of restaurants and robbed hardworking residents of their livelihoods. I’m running for Governor because Michiganders deserve better than the queen of lockdowns."

"As Governor, I would have instead partnered with our community leaders, neighboring states, and the people of Michigan to follow the science, share the facts, and enable individuals to make choices for themselves," continued Dixon. "There would have been no extreme lockdowns, no extended school closures, and no restrictions and mandates that were outright confusing and cruel."

During her visit, Dixon delivered a forceful rebuke of Gretchen Whitmer's draconian and extreme lockdowns, contrasting that with her own vision to rollback 40% of Michigan's massive regulatory code in four years and send a clear message to job creators and business owners that Michigan is open for business.

Following her remarks, Dixon spent nearly an hour visiting with supporters from the local community and patrons of The Iron Pig Smokehouse. The conversations predominately focused on how Gretchen Whitmer's incompetence and failed policies have impacted their lives and why they are supportive of Dixon's message and vision for the future of the state.

"I am extremely humbled and proud to host Tudor Dixon,"said Ian Murphy."Her visit today cements the notion that she understands and has the back’s of Michigan’s small businesses when it comes to Executive Branch overreach. It’s time to reign in these agencies and Tudor’s private sector experience gives her tremendous insight into how difficult it is wading through bureaucracy, even before lockdowns and mandates."

"For myself and our crew it’s never been about politics, but a matter of economics," continued Murphy. "I believe our State’s best chance for a bright economic future lies within these two candidates. We are excited to have Dixon/Hernandez join our fight to save Michigan from four more years of Big Gretch as we head to the Supreme Court to fight for our business!"

According to a July 2022 study, Michigan was in 3rd place in the nation for the most job losses since the pandemic, the state is down nearly 100,000 jobs vs. pre-pandemic, and 32% of Michigan businesses were forced to close at least temporarily - the most out of any state in the nation.

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