Democrats create a government of, by, and for union bosses

A series of Democrat bills, including a right-to-work repeal, making union dues a tax credit and perhaps most shocking of all, eliminating contribution limits only for union PACs.

It’s a brazen attempt by Dems to further tip the advantage to organizations that already bankroll their campaigns and frankly, once this door is opened, nothing is stopping Republicans from banning union contributions altogether when they again take control.

Right-to-work laws undermine workers' freedom of association and collective bargaining, which are fundamental rights protected under international law. The ability to organize and negotiate collectively is essential for ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and better benefits for workers. By restricting these rights, Democrats are giving employers greater power to exploit workers and weaken the voice of workers in the workplace.

These laws, forced through by Michigan's democratic cabal will weaken unions, reduce worker bargaining power, and undermine fundamental rights. Level-headed policymakers should reject these laws and instead focus on strengthening workers' rights and protections.