Ban Sanctuary Cities

Implement a statewide ban on sanctuary cities and require cities and local governments to comply fully with federal immigration law. Stiff penalties would be created for politicians and government officials that willingly ignore federal immigration laws.


Enact Constitutional Carry

Stop all efforts to restrict the 2nd Amendment and ensure that law-abiding citizens can protect themselves.


Fund De-escalation Training

Increase funding for training in de-escalation techniques, starting by redirecting funding from so-called “implicit bias” training programs. Stop perpetuating the false and racist myths that law enforcement officers are inherently racist and predisposed to violence against minorities. Fully fund law enforcement agencies across the state and block any budget cuts meant to reduce law enforcement budgets.


Keep Cash Bail for Violent Criminals & Repeat Offenders

Fight the persistent efforts by liberal politicians to bust criminals out of jail through so-called “Cash Bail Reform”. Stop far-left ideologues from rebranding criminals as victims and law-abiding citizens as racists for wanting public safety.


Zero-Tolerance for Riots

Enhance criminal penalties for crimes committed during riots or violent “protests” and prevent attempts to destabilize our communities through death and destruction.

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